Glass bottle by Erik Höglund for Boda G0087

Designer: Erik Höglund

Producer / Hersteller: Boda

Quantity available / Menge: 1

Condition: in very good condition.
Zustand: in sehr gutem Zustand.

Description: glass bottle "Model H288" designed by Erik Höglund for Boda Afors, Sweden, with original sticker.
Beschrieb: Glaskaraffe "Model H288" von Erik Höglund für Boda Afors, Schweden, mit original Kleber.

Dimension / Masse: 29 cm height x 12,5 cm diam.

Erik Höglund (1932–1998) designed many classics for the Swedish Boda glassworks. One of the most well-known series is People from 1957. It consists of sculptural decanters with geometric forms, unicolored glass, and joyous expression.

The people come in five different colors: amber, blue, clear, gray, or green. The glass mass often contains induced air bubbles. Most of the decanters have stoppers with stamped faces. The arms are added glass strings with no desire for symmetry.

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