vintage ceramic vase "Maya" by Lapid Israel, 70s C0177

Designer: Lapid Pottery

Producer / Hersteller: Lapid Pottery

Quantity available / Menge: 1

Condition: in very good condition, signed.
Zustand: in sehr gutem Zustand, signiert.

Description: ceramic vase by Lapid, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel, circa 1960-70.
Beschrieb: Keramik Vase von Lapid, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel um circa 1960-70.

Dimension / Masse: 21 cm x 13 cm

About Lapid Pottery (Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel 1944-1990)
Lapid Pottery was formed in 1944 during British Mandate to Israel. The year 1949 was an Important year for the pottery when Dr. K. Moosberg became a main partner in the factory and the factory changed its original goal of making tiles and sanitary wares – to producing Art Pottery which is the Lapid Pottery most people are now familiar with.

In 1949 the Art Department was established at Lapid. Amongst the designers at Lapid over the years were Elspeth Cohen, Dr. Bertha Rosenthal, Ray Silverman & Dvora Gazit. The designers were primarily responsible for the forms and shapes, and the head decorator the designs – although often it was a joint collaboration. A group of 7-8 decorators would then hand paint the designs onto the art pottery, making for subtle variations between the same base designs, and each piece unique.

The earliest pieces I have seen from this pottery are around 1952, very glossy and nowhere near as sophisticated in design as work which soon followed once the pottery was more established, and began exporting.

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