Large French ceramic plate Albert Thiry, Vallauris CO181

Designer: Albert Thiry

Producer / Hersteller: Albert Thiry

Quantity available / Menge: 1

Condition: in very good condition, signed.
Zustand: in sehr gutem Zustand, signiert.

Description: large ceramique charger by Albert Thiry, Vallauris, France, circa 1970
Beschrieb: Grosse Keramikschale von Albert Thiry, Vallauris, Frankreich, um 1970

Dimension / Masse: about 31,5 cm x 7 cm

about Albert Thiry: Albert Thiry (1932-2009) was born in Nice, France. His family moved to Vallauris where he spent most of the school holidays in the potteries; in 1956 he was taken on as an assistant decorator with an opportunity to make his own pieces. Albert and his wife, Pyot, set up their own pottery in 1961.

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