large vase Alfredo Barbini L0024

Designer: Alfredo Barbini

Producer / Hersteller: Alfredo Barbini

Quantity available / Menge: 1

Condition: in very good condition. Signed and with original sticker.
Please ask for a detailed condition report if you are interested:

Zustand: in sehr gutem Zustand. Signiert und mit original Kleber.
Senden Sie uns gerne ein Mail falls Sie Fragen haben oder mehr Infos brauchen:

Description: a large gradient scavo glass vase designed and signed by Barbini, Murano

Beschrieb: grosse Gradient Scavo Murano Glasvase von Alfredo Barbini, Murano

Dimension / Masse: 31.5 cm x 13 cm x 25 cm


Alfredo Barbini a glass artist born in 1912 on the islands of Murano in the lagoon of Venice, Italy, was one of Murano's leading figures of the twentieth century. His parents were members of families which had been prominent in the glassmaking industry on Murano for generations as glassblowers and beadmakers.

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